Black Swamp Metal Detecting Club
April 2009                                                            Volume 14, Issue 1

President: Jeff Hauenstein - [email protected]
Vice Pres.& Sect. -

Treasurer: Colleen Bradley - [email protected]
Newsletter: Denny Morrison - [email protected]

Our meeting will be held April 15, 2009 at the Harrod Park, Harrod, Oh. Time of the meeting will be 6:00 P.M. Bring your metal detector with you if you would like to hunt the park before and after the meeting.

Hello and welcome to a New Year of metal detecting. Hope you had a good winter and are now ready for some serious metal detecting.

I guess the first order of business, is Dues are due. As always they are $10 and are due at the first meeting. If you can not attend the first meeting, the dues must be paid before the first club hunt, which might be in May. With the prices of silver what they are, we may only have one hunt this year, more on that at the first meeting. Please pay your dues, because this money is what we use for the club hunts and it also pays for the building and park that we use.

I got an email from Colleen and she has the permits for our club to hunt at St. Mary’s Lake. She will bring the permits to our first meeting. If you plan to hunt in the water at St. Mary’s lake, you must have a permit on you. This means at any beach area or at a boat swim area you must have a permit. Harry Foster will go to Indian Lake and see about our permits for Indian Lake and Kiser Lake.

A little bit about our last meeting, all who attended had a great time, good food and everyone won lots of prizes. Our Thanks go out to Jeff Hauenstiein and Colleen Bradley for a fun evening. For those who missed our meeting at the Barn out Back, you missed a good one.

I’m sure many of you have been detecting and hopefully you will bring your finds to our first meeting. I know Gary Rutledge, Brad Saunders, Bill & Lila Dickerson, Harry Foster, John Griffith, and I have been detecting a lot this last winter.

Most everyone found some really cool items and I’m sure they will be showing them at our first meeting. Be sure to let me know what you found, so I can include it in our next newsletter.  

Here are some finds from the winter months.

Bill Dickerson found the Nashville Coach Line token and 3 ringer. Bill also found a 1924

Wheat penny and lo and behold Lila found one memorial penny, a 1943 dime

(PRETTY little lady) and 1916 wheat penny.

I know Harry Foster found a Walking Liberty Half dollar at Faurot Park. A bunch of us went down there after the snow melted. Way to go Lucky Harry. Dennis Morrison and Gary Rutledge found Walkers too, Denny’s was a 1935 and Gary’s was a 1942. Gary also found a 5 cent Fish Scale Canadian coin, 1888. Denny and Gary also found many other silver coins, IH’s and other coins. Brad Saunders found a Large Cent, I think it was 1838, the oldest coin he has ever found.
A Officers Eagle Pummel, that Dennis Morrison found was featured on the front cover of the American Digger magazine in January of 2009.

Civil War Collectors Show
For those interested in the Civil War, WWI & WWII I am including flyers about the Ohio Civil War Collector Show in Mansfield, Ohio, May 2nd and 3rd, 2009.

Diggin in Virginia
Brad Saunders and Denny Morrison attended the Diggin in Virginia DIV X, in October and DIV XI hunt in March. I will include pictures of their finds. Brad found an Awesome Box Plate at DIV XI, his first one since he has been detecting. Congratulations Brad!! Some of the items found can be seen on http://www.mytreasurespot.com, under the heading Diggin, then look under Diggin In Virginia Photo Gallery, DIV X & XI. This is a great forum and many nice finds are posted here daily. I’m sure Brad and I will be bringing our finds to our first meeting. I did pretty well for my first and second hunts in Va. I found lots of 3 ringers, buttons, a J-hook and other items. 

Notes from the Editor
Another great forum is http://www.treasurenet.com. This is another Great site. Many detecting finds are posted here daily also. 

Now is a good time to get out your detectors and clean them up and get them ready for the coming season. Get the old batteries out and put in new ones. If it is a rechargeable battery get it charged up. Clean the coil and box. Get out the owner’s manual and re-read it. You can always pick up a few hints from the owners’ manual. Check out your headset and make sure it’s in good working condition. A good headset is worth its weight in gold especially if your trying to hear those really deep signals. 

If you need any equipment or are looking for a new machine, Bob Winkle has what you need. He is a Whites and Garrett Dealer. He has all the accessories you will need for the 2009-detecting season. Bob lives at 12119 St. Rt. 115 just north of Kalida, Ohio. His phone number is 419-532-3957 and his e-mail address is [email protected]. Bob is also a member of our club. 

If you receive the Western & Eastern Treasure Magazine, Dick Stout writes a column about Club News & Views. Dick reads all club newsletters and posts information about clubs in this column. That is why I ask you to tell me what you have found so I can put that information in our club newsletter. If you don’t receive Western & Eastern Treasure Magazine, you should look for it at your nearest bookstore. It is one of the best detector magazines around. Another good source of information is the Lost Treasure Magazine.

Hopefully more members will tell me what they have found this season so I can post it in our newsletter. 

If you’re interested, members of the club meet the third Monday of the month for breakfast and a Bull S_it session at Bob Evans on Rt. 309, at 8:30 A.M. 

Remember the first club meeting is April 15, 2009. We will meet at 6:00 P.M. 

If you have a new e-mail address please tell me so I can send your newsletter via e-mail. As we send most of our members newsletter’s via the email, we use the stamp money for coins for our hunts. There are only 3 members of our club who don’t have an e-mail address. 

If you’re interested in going to a planted hunt, I will have my most recent Western & Eastern Treasure Magazine with me and you can look at all the up and coming hunts. They are listed in this magazine, under Calendar of Events.

"Cleaning and Preservation of Coins". 
Here is a Great site for learning how to clean your finds!! 

Hopefully I haven't missed anything or anyone. 
HH all, 
Denny Morrison
These are emails I received over the winter
Subject: New Members
[email protected]
To: Denny Morrison
From: Mark Dunnigan
Hello! I talked with Bob Winkle and he mentioned a Metal Detector Club in the area and gave me your name and e-mail as a contact person.
Would be interested in any information you could provide, regarding the club.

[email protected] 
Tom leugers
405 Lewis blvd
Lima, Ohio 45801 

Hi there, my name is tom leugers , from lima Ohio I got your name and email addy from Robert Winkle..I plan on buying a detector from him in the next week or 10 days and I would like more information about the club. Where it is held, dates of meetings membership and all the goodies like that...you can contact me at [email protected] and all information you could share is greatly appreciated...
Thank you for your time

mailto:[email protected]

Keith from Coin Hunting net has put a web page with our club in it. Here is the site, not sure if there is anything there yet, I'm just sending him our first club newsletter for the year. Be sure to copy the web page. 

[email protected] 

Hi Dennis, 
This is Robin Walter. I am new to metal detecting and was looking for some places to detect. I have just spoke with you on the phone and I am interested in receiving a newsletter. I found your club on the Internet hoping to find others of the same interest. Thanks.

From: Steven Greene 
[email protected]

Steve is from Dayton and was interested in our newsletter. He posts his
finds on http://www.treasurenet.com 

Here is a fellow who contacted Harry Foster about the club. Dick Stumbaugh, his email is [email protected]

Brad's Box Plate Before Cleaning from DIV XI, March 2009
Brad's US Box Plate after cleaning
Denny's Finds from DIV XI, March 2009