Black Swamp Metal Detecting Club Newsletter
August 2009                                  Volume 14 Issue 5

President: Jeff Hauenstein kraftman42@aol.com
VP & Treasurer Colleen Bradley

Sect. Lila Dickerson bandld
Newsletter: Denny Morrison hunter@wcoil.com


Our meeting will be held August 19, 2009 at the Harrod Park, Harrod, Oh. Time of the meeting will be 6:00 P.M. Bring your metal detector with you if you would like to hunt the park before and after the meeting.

Third Mondays

If you’re interested, members of the club meet the third Monday of the month for breakfast and a Bull S_it session at Bob Evans on Rt. 309, at 8:30 A.M.

Note from the Editor

Here are a couple of great forums to look at on the Internet. http://www.treasurenet.com & http://www.mytreasurespot.com They are both Great sites. Many detecting finds are posted here daily also.

Best Regards,

Denny Morrison
John Griffith's finds are pictured above. 1929 quarter, 1941 dime and two error coins.


Lila Dickerson graciously took over writing the minutes for the club. Here are her notes.

Black Swamp members met on July 15 @ 6:00 PM at Harrod Park. Fourteen members and two guests were present.

The one guest, Russell Meermans, was looking to buy a metal detector. His father-in-law had passed away recently and he thought there was a pistol hid in the attic of the house. Russ had found two long guns under insulation in the attic and knew his father-in-law had a pistol, and wanted to find it before putting the house up for sale. He didn't want to spend $350 on a metal detector he was only going to use once, so Bill Dickerson volunteered to look for it. It wasn't found and Russ was happy with the way Bill looked through the hot and dusty attic.

A new member had sent $10 for his dues: Roy Hollenbacher. Don Hauenstein sent his dues in and included a $10 donation for the club hunt. Thank You Don!

Colleen Bradley reported $559 is in the treasury.

Don Doute reported that gold was selling for $938.90 oz. Up $13.50; silver at $13.30 oz. Up 37 cents, and platinum at $1156.60 oz. Up $30.50.

The 50/50 drawing ....

1st place $20 - Ken Lucas

2nd place $10 - Brad Saunders

3rd place $6 - Don Doute

Jeff Hauenstein, our president, started a discussion about large cents and how many members had found them. Terry Dyer had found a watch fob, and traded it for a 1880S silver dollar and a 1943 Walking Liberty half. Also Colleen reported that she received $30 for returning the 1951 Shawnee High School class ring.

Jeff brought up the idea of painting the shelter house for the park. Maybe this could be accomplished on a Saturday with a lot of members helping, to improve the park. Very good idea Jeff!

At the August meeting we will decide what kind of hunt to have: plot or open hunt. Also if anyone wants to contribute prizes please have them available at this meeting so Colleen knows what she has. Also if anyone wants to sell some money for the hunt, please bring it to the meeting. Anything you have will be appreciated.

Brad Saunders will be in charge of entertainment at the August meeting, and we are looking forward to this. Let's see, he will be the director.

There was talk about moving the October dinner from the Old Barn Out Back to the Golden Corral or Western Sizzlin. I think the guitar playing and singing was getting to a few of the members. Quite a few I think. Gene Wolfe was going to look into the other places for the dinner we hold on the third Wednesday of October.

This just in, the club dinner will be held October 14th, at the Western Sizzlin Steak house, 2721 Elida Road, Lima, Ohio.  This will be one week earlier than we usually have our dinner due to the NRA being in town that week.  

Colleen did an excellent job of door prizes last year at the dinner. In fact she did a good job at the hunts that were held last year also.

Tom Leugers found an 1834 large cent, and 1873 Indian Head. Those coins were pictured in last months newsletter.

Bill Dickerson found a 1902 Indian Head, and a sterling silver ring with turquoise in it. Lila Dickerson found a 1920 mercury dime, two Buffalo nickels, one a 1935 and the other ????, plus a 1943 Canadian penny. This might be the equivalent of a Wheatie??? Lol

Harry Foster found 1 mercury dime, 2 silver dimes and 1 sterling silver ring.

Bill Dickerson also found a 1909 VDB wheat penny.

John Griffith found a 1929 standing liberty quarter,1941 mercury dime, along with 5 wheat backs from the 1930's and 40's on Sunday morning 7-19-09 in the dirt. I am sending pics of the quarter and dime, along with pics of two error coins that was found in circulation a while back. A Lincoln cent and Georgia state quarter. I will include John’s pictures. Thanks for the pictures John. Your pictures show that it pays to look at your coins when you clean them.

Thank You Lila for those Great minutes.