Black Swamp Metal Detecting Club
May 2009                                                            Volume 14, Issue 2

President:  Jeff Hauenstein  [email protected]
VP, Sec. & Treasurer: Colleen Bradley  [email protected]
Newsletter: Denny Morrison  [email protected]
Our meeting will be held May 20, 2009 at the Harrod Park, Harrod, Oh. Time of the meeting will be 6:00 P.M. Bring your metal detector with you if you would like to hunt the park before and after the meeting.

Here are Colleen’s Minutes from the last meeting.

The April meeting was very cold...but it did not stop the members from getting out for the first club meeting of the year. We had a lot of people and many finds that were passed around and stories to share.

There were 17 members present. The Dues are still the same just $10.00 bucks. If you are unable to attend it is ok to send your dues with someone else and I can get your card to you. We already have 20 paid members. We have some new members this year and they are very eager to get out and hunt so get with them if you can...it is always fun to hunt with someone else.

I got to hang out with one of our new members a few times.  Robin Walters she lives near me. She was also able to go to the breakfast last month. She loves to get out and dig! Also I would like to welcome Mark Dunnigan And Tom Leugers It sounds like they both are having a good time with some of their finds!

At the meeting we talked about having a monthly entertainment where two people would get together and have something for us to talk about, do or etc. So bring your detectors to each meeting in case there is some cool stuff to check out. This was brought up by Brad Saunders and everyone agreed that it would be nice to save most of our 50/50 for the last hunt of the year...and have one big hunt.

If you have any Silver to sell for the hunt let me know, I would like to start getting our coins before the fall hunt. This also brings up another topic, we make most of our money for the hunts from the 50/50 if you are unable to attend a meeting due to the fact that you work second or third shift, you can send your money for the tickets with another member and still be counted for the last special drawing at the dinner. ...and of course maybe be one of the lucky winners that wins part of the money/or prize pot.

The winners of the April 50/50 were:
Brad Saunders------$20.00

Gary West------------$15.00
Gary Rutledge------$8.00

Congrats!!! Guys and thanks for everyone that gets into the 50/50. The club took in $45.00 Jeff H. tossed in some when he arrived!

I am not sure if anyone was able to go and look up the civil war silver purse Brad and Denny were talking about but it is really neat. I watched it a few times just looking at that is such an awesome sight, you have to wonder who last held that in their hands?  You may view the video’s by going to this site.

Finds of the Month 
1.  Tom L.  - Mercury dimes and Barbers.
2. Mark Dunnigan - V-nickel & ‘39 Walking half dollar.
3. Harry Foster - Susan B Anthony Gold dollar.
4. John Griffith’s son found a 1838 O Seated Dime
John and his son’s finds
5. Bill  Dickerson found 4 silver dimes, 8 wheaties and old VICTOR button.

 6. Lila Dickerson found 1 Indian Head, 1 Buffalo nickel and 6 wheaties and oh yes, 1 NAMCO token with a cat on it.

The May meeting will have some entertainment put on by Brad Saunders and Gene Wolf :) Brad told me to tell everyone to BRING THEIR METAL DETECTORS  and be prepared to hunt!!!!

Lets hope for some warmer weather! Right now I am typing in my "Snuggie"....yes I got one as a gag gift...but let me tell you if it does not warm up I just may be using it for some metal detecting.

Take care, get out and hunt when you can... see you at the meeting and or the breakfast for May.

Thanks Colleen for those Great Minutes.
Notes from the Editor
Here are a couple of great forums to look at on the internet.   http://www.treasurenet.com  & http://www.mytreasurespot.com   They are both Great sites. Many detecting finds are posted here daily also.   

If you receive the Western & Eastern Treasures Magazine, Dick Stout writes a column about Club News & Views. Dick reads all club newsletters and posts information about clubs in this column.  That is why I ask you to tell me what you have found so I can put that information in our club newsletter.   If you don’t receive Western & Eastern Treasure Magazine, you should look for it at your nearest bookstore.  It is one of the best detector magazines around.  Another good source of information is the Lost Treasure Magazine.
Last week I gave a Civil War talk to 85 5th and 6th graders at Allen East School. The teacher asked me to do a presentation about the CW, because their history book only had one page on the subject.  Go Figure.  

What a Great experience that was.  I was supposed to talk 25 minutes, but ended up talking and showing a CD that I made of pictures from Diggin in Virginia.  I was asked lots and lots of great questions.
I also am letting all the Grand Lake water hunters know that yes we do have northern pike here in our lake. A friend of mine has caught a few as well as his neighbors. I am sending along a picture. This one was 31 inches long Harvey let it go so it could grow up....hummm I think I know what I bumped into now while I was water hunting, yikes they have teeth too!

That’s about all I have at this time.  Hopefully more members will tell me what they have found this season so I can post it in our newsletter. 
If you’re interested, members of the club meet the third Monday of the month for breakfast and a Bull S_it session at Bob Evans on Rt. 309,  at 8:30 A.M.           
Happy Hunting all,
Denny Morrison

P.S. If  you have a new e-mail address please tell me so I can send your newsletter via e-mail.  As we send most of our members newsletter’s via the email, we use the stamp money for coins for our hunts.   Only 3 members of our club don’t have an e-mail address.