Black Swamp Metal Detecting Club
May 2010                                      Volume 15, Issue 2

President     Don Doute            [email protected]
Secretary     Lila Dickerson
Newsletter   Denny Morrison      [email protected]


Our meeting will be held May 19, 2010 at the Harrod Park, Harrod, Oh. Time of the meeting will be 6:00 P.M. Bring your metal detector with you if you would like to hunt the park before and after the meeting.


The Black Swamp Metal Detecting Club meeting was called to order at 6pm, April 21, 2010, at Harrod park, in Harrod, OH, by Don Doute, president and treasurer. Don asked if anyone would be interested in being a vice-president/treasurer, in case one is needed. Members are to think about it, and elect one at the May meeting. Meetings are always held on the third Wednesday of each month, starting in April.

Sixteen members attended and dues were paid. Dues are the same as last year, $10 ea. Those that haven't paid their dues please do so. The dues help pay for the hunt that is held each year.

Each member introduced themselves and told a little about their hobby. There were two new members present, Brent Hamilton and Rebecca Harrod. Brent had been a member a few years before, and Rebecca joined at the end of last year, but they are two new faces, and we welcome them to the club.

Lila made a motion to keep the 50/50 the same as last year, and Colleen seconded it.

1st $20 - Gary West
2nd $10 - Gary Rutledge
3rd $4 - Colleen Bradley.

Jan Wagner, one of our members, who has a real estate business in Findlay, has listed an amusement park in Fostoria. She is going to try and get us permission to hunt there.

Ohio Metal Detecting Magazine

Nick Arnold publishes Ohio Metal Detecting which is a magazine that is being published every three months. He has not taken any money from subscribers, and sends them to Denny Morrison who in turn gives them to the club members. Jan Wagner made a motion that each person who receives a copy pay $20 for a years subscription for the magazine at the May meeting, and Ken Lucas seconded the motion. Denny is to collect the money and send it to Nick Arnold. If you are interested in his Internet page sign on to http://www.ohiometaldetecting.com and get acquainted. The Magazine is one of the Best Metal Detecting magazines produced and all the information in the magazine is from Ohio people.

Lake Permits

Colleen Bradley has permits for St. Marys Lake. Harry Foster will pick up permits for Indian Lake this year. Permits should be on your person while metal detecting in the lake or on the beach.


Gold was at $1146.70 an oz. In April and is expected to go $500 higher by June or July. Silver was at $18.07 per oz. And platinum was $1727.

E-Mail Addresses

If you have a new e-mail address please tell me so I can send your newsletter via e-mail. As we send most of our members newsletter’s via the email, we use the stamp money for coins for our hunts. There are only 2 members of our club who don’t have an e-mail address. 

Planted Hunts

If you’re interested in going to a planted hunt, I will have my most recent Western & Eastern Treasure Magazine with me and you can look at all the up and coming hunts. They are listed in this magazine, under Calendar of Events. 

Coin Cleaning

Here is a Great site for learning how to clean your finds! http://metaldetectingworld.com/cleaning_preservation_coin.shtml

Old Nickels

Don Doute had a very interesting experience at the Huntington bank in Lima. There was an old timer that had found 16 rolls of nickels in his closet, and was bringing them to the bank to cash them in. Don got to him first. There were 98 war nickels, and the balance was a couple of V-nickels, 3 Buffalo nickels, 10 or so 1938 & 1939's, and more 1940's, some 1950's and the newest one was a 1963. War nickels are selling for $1.01 ea. Way to go Don!

Member Finds

In April the following people found many great finds. They include Denny Morrison who found a rosary, civil war artifacts and a Flying Eagle penny.

Harry Foster has already found two 10k gold rings at Indian Lake, one with diamonds. Way to go Harry.

On April 22 at 7pm, Bill Dickerson received a phone call from Bryan Miller, asking if he would look for a wedding ring a friend of his had lost. Bryan wanted him to come over yet that night, and since it gets dark at about 8:30pm, Lila and Bill both jumped into their TC truck and went out to Bryan's and from there to Lana Laury's place. She had put her wedding rings in a shirt pocket, and then went outside to scatter straw over grass she had planted alongside the driveway. Lila and Bill both started looking for the ring right away, and Bill found it within 7 or 8 minutes. Lana was one happy camper. Her husband showed up about then, and he was also extremely happy. Lila said she thought everyone must have known about the ring, because her cell phone kept ringing from the time they got there, and she kept saying no I haven't found it yet. A reward was given to Bill & Lila Dickerson, they received a dozen colored eggs!

At the end of April, Dennis Morrison found a 1865 Seated Liberty Half Dollar with a Masonic symbol engraved on the back. He also dug two V-nickels, a Mercury dime and a Eagle button. Not to be out done Gary Rutledge who was hunting with Denny found a 1901 Morgan Silver Dollar.

Garrett ProPointer Tip

Denny Morrison also had some interesting information about the Garrett ProPointer. It will ground balance itself by laying it on the ground and turning it on. In Culpeper Virginia he couldn’t get the Pro pointer to work in the Hot Virginia soil. A friend told him to lay the pointer near the hole he had dug and then turn it on. It WORKED, it actually ground balanced itself.

Hometown Proud

Betty and Gene Wolf were given the Lima Pride Home Award.

Four times each year Lima property owners may be recognized for maintaining their homes as models for their community. "There are beautiful homes and buildings all through the community that are never recognized for what they contribute to the quality of life in Lima. The Lima Pride Homes Awards demonstrate that with care and creativity , a property owner can play a valuable part in improving our neighborhoods."

Congratulations Betty and Gene for displaying community Pride. 

Third Mondays

If you’re interested, members of the club meet the third Monday of the month for breakfast and a Bull S_it session at The Lickity Split on State Route 65, 1600 North West Streetnear North Land, at 8:30 A.M. 

Internet Links

Be sure to visit our club’s Web page located at http://blackswamp.weebly.com  A big thanks to Nick Arnold for making this page for our club.

Keith from Coin Hunting net has put a web page with our club in it. Here is the site, not sure if  there is anything there yet, I'm just sending him our first club newsletter for the year. Be sure to copy the web page.


Pictures of Betty & Gene Wolf’s home and the Award they received. Also pictures of Lila & Bill Dickerson’s finds and also Harry Foster with his new metal detector. Also Denny Morrison’s Seated Liberty Token and Gary Rutledge’s Morgan Silver Dollar. Click on any photo to view larger.