Black Swamp Metal Detecting Club
November 2009                                                   Volume 14, Issue 8

President Don Doute
VP & Treasurer Position Vacant
Secretary Position Vacant
Newsletter Denny Morrison [email protected]

Editor's Notes

This is what you call a short Newsletter.

Since we lost our President, Vice President and Secretary at our last meeting, you all will have to bear with me. I’m writing this on the cuff.

I would like to Thank Jeff Hauenstein and Colleen Bradley for doing an Excellent job as President and Vice President/ Treasure. It was always fun to come to the meetings to see what new things Colleen would come up with. We also enjoyed all the neat items Jeff would come up with for all our hunts. Just remember, we lost you as Pres., Vice Pres./Treasure, but we didn’t loose you as members. I myself would like to Thank Colleen for the excellent minutes she took at each meeting. They were a Big Help in writing the newsletter.

While on the subject of the Secretary’s job. Lila Dickerson graciously took over the job of taking the minutes the last few months. I will also miss Lila’s Excellent minutes. I hate to see Lila give up the job. Now all of you will have to put up with my not so good minutes.

Thanks to all of you for your Excellent contributions to our club.

Don Doute has accepted the President’s position.

Now, we need a Vice President/ Treasurer. Now is the time to step up to the plate and help out the club. I'm sure some of you belong to other clubs and know how a meeting is run. You can do the same thing with our club meetings. Everyone will help you out. Colleen said she would be more than happy to help the new people.

I would like to say, what a Great Dinner/Meeting we had back in October. I think we had around 26 at the meeting. Everyone had a good time and Everyone was a Winner!!! A Big Thanks to Gene Wolf for making the reservations for the club dinner. Also a Big Thanks to Colleen Bradley and her daughter for another Great Dinner/Meeting. You two always make our last meeting so much fun. Thanks Again for all that you have done for our club.

Brad Saunders and I, Dennis Morrison, just returned from Virginia. We hunted another Civil War site. What an interesting 3 days of hunting. Lots of relics were recovered at the hunt. The last day, Sunday, it rained all morning, making hunting a little difficult. I know I still have red mud on my Ford F-150 truck in places I can’t even see. My first day of hunting, I dug a Confederate Script “ I “ button. People always ask, what would you like to find at one of these hunts. My response was, I would really like to find a really nice button, well I did. Next time I’ll wish for something bigger, like a Box Plate.

If you would like to view relics found at this hunt, please go to http://www.mytreasurespot.com then click on Diggin in Virginia. Lots and Lots of relics on this page. I am working on another YouTube video of the hunt.

Nick Arnold, who makes our web page, has now has put out a Magazine.  His website is here: http://www.ohiometaldetecting.com The magazine is called Ohio Metal Detecting. He has sent me copies for our members.

If you would please come to Bob Evans this coming Monday, November 16, for our monthly breakfast, I will give you your copy. I will not be mailing these magazines out, so if you don’t make the breakfast, sometime this winter I will try to get a copy to you. I think you will all like what Nick has done with this magazine. I am including a picture of the front of the magazine and the letter that he sent to me.

After our club breakfast we are planning a club hunt at Faurot Park, in Lima. Be sure to bring your Metal Detectors with you Monday and don’t forget to bring a digging tool and headset.

Here are a some great forums to look at on the Internet. http://www.treasurenet.com & http://www.mytreasurespot.com They are all Great sites. Many detecting finds are posted here daily also.

If you’re interested, members of the club meet the third Monday of the month for breakfast and a Bull S_it session at Bob Evans on Rt. 309, at 8:30 A.M. Please try to attend this breakfast to pick up your copy of Ohio Metal Detecting. Our club is featured in the middle of the magazine.

I'm including pictures of my finds in Culpeper Virginia. Also a picture of my Script " I " and my best Eagle button.

Happy Hunting all,
Denny Morrison