Black Swamp Metal Detecting Club
October 2009                                                     Volume 14, Issue 7

President Jeff Hauenstein [email protected]
VP & Treasurer Colleen Bradley
[email protected]

Sect. Lila Dickerson bandld
[email protected]
Newsletter Denny Morrison [email protected]


Our Dinner/meeting will be held October 14, 2009 at the Western Sizzlin Steak House, Lima, Ohio. Time of the Dinner/meeting will be 6:00 P.M. Bring your appetites to this meeting, no metal detectors.

Third Mondays

If you’re interested, members of the club meet the third Monday of the month for breakfast and a Bull S_it session at Bob Evans on Rt. 309, at 8:30 A.M.

Note from Yolanda West

Dear Friends & Family,
Wanted to write and tell you that after about 2 month's of illness--we had to let "Our Bear" go to a Better place. She was so sick and would not eat & hardly would drink water for the last 3 days or so.  We had her 15 yrs 5 months. She brought so much joy into our lives. But she is no longer suffering and

This we are thankful for. The house will seem so empty for awhile...but God will give us strength to get thru  All this.

In all this....I am also talking about Andrea & Gary's surgery in a week. Please keep us in your Thoughts and prayers. We think of all of you--more than you know. Love to all & we hope this finds all of you doing well. Stay Safe & God Bless,

Gary & Lonnie XOXO

P.S. Gary wanted me to let you know that he rec'd a get well card From Jim Tressell (Ohio State Head Football Coach) He thinks He is pretty special. LOL

Editor's Notes: If you would like to send Gary a card here is his address 1212 N. Summit, Lima, OH 45801.

This just in from Colleen, Gary came through his surgery and didn’t go into intensive care, he went right into his room. So that sounds like very good news. Keep Gary in your thoughts and prayers.

Editor's Notes

William Purkey will now be writing the Club News & Views article for the Western & Eastern Treasures magazine. I will be sending Bill all our newsletters. So be sure to give me any information about your finds, so that I may post them in our newsletter. If you can, send along a picture and I will post that along with your finds. One point of interest is that Bill wants me to send all our newsletters to him snail mail. Myself I don’t think it is worth it to send our newsletters in this manner. Not sure what he is thinking. It is a WHOLE lot easier to send by email.

Colleen sent this note to me, it is about the ring she found and returned.

I thought I would share with you and the group how much fun I had with the class of 1951 Shawnee H.S. at the Old Barn out back....minus the "singing cowboy" !!! {they did have to ask them to turn down the music} It was very interesting being their guest for the day. I was able to hear of the events of the day.... the ring was lost, as well as the fun times that the class had back then. Everyone of class was so nice and friendly. Nancy and her husband Ron treated me to lunch. In the picture you can see the ring I found has more of a shine to it from cleaning it up for her. The other ring is the one that her classmates and friends pulled together to help her replace. I found out that they all had the same ring back then.

Colleen also sent along some really nice pictures from the hunt and of her and the lady she returned the Class ring too. Thanks Colleen, Great pictures and story. Wonder who the guy is in the catchers mask? LOL

See you all Wednesday October 14, 2009 at 6:00 P.M. at the Western Sizzlin Steak House, Elida Road, Lima, Ohio. It is near the Lima Mall. Bring your appetite not your detector, LOL!!! A Big Thanks to Gene Wolf for setting up our Dinner site.

HH, Denny Morrison
John Griffith having a great time
Terry Diggin' what?!
The Black Swamp Club
The Masked Man caught detecting!
Colleen detecting


Lila Dickerson graciously took over writing the minutes for the club. Here are her notes.

The Black Swamp Metal Detecting Club met at 5:30 p.m., Sept. 16, 2009, at Harrod Park for their big night of detecting. This was the token plot hunt and everyone was excited.

The members were supposed to pre-register, but one showed up and wanted to hunt that night so they made up a plot for him also. All in all there were 24 plots and 22 people had signed up to hunt. The plots were worth approximately $20 each if you found everything in your plot. Numbers were picked and plots were assigned and everyone hunted, even Colleen.
Gary West was at the meeting and it was really nice to see him.

Before the meeting Lila was hunting the playground sand at the park, and I found over 60 pennies. The month before Lila found 40. Lila wanted to go back and find out how many pennies there were but she hasn’t made it yet. I think it is reasonable to say that three years ago when Gary West and Colleen Bradley threw out all the pennies from Bill Dickerson's penny jar (Bill forgot to take it home so actually we will blame him) that they included the sand area also. Needless to say, the ones that showed up the next day after the hunt three years ago, were finding a lot of pennies and they left. Bill actually went over and found a lot of them. Now Lila is finding the rest of them. 100+ pennies and still going. Way to go Colleen and Gary.

On the 50/50 drawing:
1st place and winning $25 was Terry Dyer
2nd and winning $20: John Griffith
3rd and winning $10: Don Hauenstein
The 50/50 drawing is the only way the club has to make money for the hunt each year. That is why it is important for each member to attend each meeting. Every member who attends all the meetings contributes an extra $35 towards the Club Hunt.
After the hunt and everyone had turned in their tokens and received their loot, there were additional prizes that were drawn for:
Light headset: Colleen Bradley
Handheld metal detector pointer: Roy Hollenbacher
4-wheel drive clock: Gary West
$25 gas card: Brad Saunders
Silver dime & quarter: Brad Saunders
Silver dime & quarter: Ken Lucas
Black Swamp racing t-shirt and $5: Colleen Bradley
$5: Don Donte
$2 bills were won by: Don Hauenstein, Bob Winkle, Lila Dickerson, Justin Griffith and John Griffith.
Betty Boomba was won by Roy Hollenbacher

The dinner meeting will be held on Oct. 14, 2009, at 6 p.m. At Western Sizzlin'. This is actually the second Wednesday of the month instead of the third, so be sure and mark this on your calendars people. This will be the last get-together of the year until next April.
Jeff Hauenstein, as president, and Colleen Bradley, as secretary/treasurer, informed the club members that they were resigning this year. A new president and vice president/treasurer will have to be elected. Colleen said she would do everything to help out the next vice pres/treasurer elected. So there you go guys and gals.
Thank You Lila for those Great minutes.
Gary West
Harry Foster finding treasure!
Lila Dickerson
Terry Dyer & Bob Winkle
The Masked Detector Man!
Colleen at dinner with her new friends
The found and the replacement class rings.